Analyst - Land and Property Development

Caldwell Companies is a leading fully-integrated real estate firm based in northwest Houston. We are seeking a Land and Property Development Analyst to join our team. Caldwell Companies is a faith-based firm that engages in large-scale commercial and residential development, real estate investments, commercial brokerage and asset management. The firm is experiencing consistent growth both in revenue and service offerings. Our company culture is a team/family-based environment where the individual is treated with respect. We foster a fun and enjoyable work setting.

Responsibilities: Build & maintain models for company's real estate investment/development portfolio. Conduct due diligence (feasibility analysis), market research, investment analysis on residential & commercial projects. Conduct market research to forecast land and property development trends & business conditions. Conduct market research including demand analysis (demographic analysis, market void analysis) to justify project feasibility. Market research including supply analysis (competitive analysis, inventory & absorption analysis.) Assist executives determine price points & competition strategies. Conduct due diligence (feasibility analysis).  Prepare offering memorandums for lenders & investors to assist execs sourcing & securing debt & equity. Analyze & forecast financial performance for potential property acquisitions via financial modeling & analysis of cash flows. Prepare investor reports & presentations.

Requirement: Master’s Degree in Land & Property Development 

Caldwell Companies is an equal opportunity employer. Please submit resume to