Construction Superintendent

Caldwell Companies is an established and growing development, investment and services firm based in Northwest Houston. We are seeking an energetic, experienced person to join our team as a Construction Superintendent. We offer a great, family-oriented environment with the opportunity to report directly to senior management. We provide competitive salaries, health insurance, 401k, and other benefits.  Caldwell Companies is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Job Summary
Caldwell Companies Superintendent provides the knowledge, skills and experience required to manage the day-to-day field operations of projects that Caldwell Companies undertakes. The Superintendent is responsible for the production aspects of the work and is accountable for: producing quality work that is constructed consistent with the standard’s set forth in the project’s contract documents; performing work in a timely and cost-effective manner, and maintaining a work environment that is safe and continuously kept clean and orderly. The Superintendent is the forward face of Caldwell Construction environment that includes: fostering a positive atmosphere, promoting proactive and effective communication, facilitating problem solving and minimizing and resolving conflict in a constructive manner. The primary focus of the superintendent is to provide the managerial and leadership skills necessary to accomplish the work by means of subcontractors and to manage the day-to-day issues of a small self-performed workforce.



  • Manage the day-to-day field activities to ensure that project milestone dates and overall schedule completion date is met
  • Creating and maintaining a culture that emulates company values
  • Maintain site in a clean, safe, and professional manner
  • Managing and coordinating the work to ensure that it is constructed in an orderly and deliberate manner that is consistent with the standard-of-care set forth in the contract documents that is viewed by industry as an effort that is consistent with best-practices standards
  • Establish and maintain all dimensional controls for the project to include the use of third-party survey and layout personnel when appropriate
  • Verify that all work is installed in a workmanlike manner (i.e.: plumb, level, straight, etc...)
  • Manage and look-ahead no less than two weeks to proactively identify challenges and plan solutions to resolve
  • Obtain all inspections and ensure that the quality aspects of the physical work are fully documented
  • Ensure all aspects of the project are compliant with all contract terms and legal requirements that govern the project and the community in which the project(s) takes place
  • Conduct and/or attend pre-construction, progress and other project and staff meetings
  • Conduct and/or participate in regularly held meetings involving internal staff and external stake holders such as owners, subcontractors, etc.
  • Meeting, as required, with client representatives to discuss the status of projects, to proactively identify and resolve problems and to assure that the client is kept knowledgeable about the status of the work
  • Manage self-performed activities to ensure that work is being performed within the established project budget
  • Manage changes in project scope to ensure that the most contemporary contract documents are being used at all times to prevent avoidable rework
  • Administer contracts, subcontracts, purchase orders and other agreements to ensure that the scope, terms and conditions are consistently and proactively being met
  • Manage the punch list and project closeout process to assure timely completion
  • Maintain daily paperwork such as timecards, field reports, schedule updates and E-mail correspondence
  • Provide timely and cordial interaction with supporting work groups, such as accounting, HR, QA/QC, etc.

Minimum Qualifications

  • AS degree in Construction Management (Preferred) or similar or a Journeyman status in a building trade (i.e. Carpenter) AND no less than 3 years of progressive responsibility supervising construction
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in the construction industry with a commercial and/or institutional general contractor engaged in general building and civil construction
  • A demonstrated understanding of construction means and methods associated with the renovation and construction of commercial and institutional buildings and site work related thereto
  • A working knowledge of civil, architectural, mechanical and electrical work
  • The ability to effectively communicate both in the English written and spoken word
  • Proficiency with spreadsheets, Email and other software used in the construction industry
  • Current safety credentials to include OSHA 30 1, 1st Aid and CPR (Preferred)


Construction Skills

  • Has a passion for construction, a desire and a natural instinct to build
  • Understands means and methods of construction associated with commercial ground up work and commercial interior buildouts.
  • Can create a 3d visualization of the end product and knows how to get there
  • Understands the sequencing of work and the strategy of creating effective project schedules
  • Understands project control and change order management

Critical Thinking Skills

  • Has strong math and analytical skills
  • Has strong problem-solving skills that involve a bias to work within established systems and the agility to work outside of the system when necessary to get timely results
  • Has a natural curiosity of technical, physical and spatial matters

Action Oriented

  • Is goal oriented and can react quickly to challenging circumstances to achieve the desired end results
  • Is proactive, plans well and addresses problems promptly
  • Is committed to doing quality work the first time with little or no need for re-work
  • Works to meet or beat schedules and is driven to bring closure to avoid long punch lists

Results Oriented

  • Works to meet deadlines and is driven to closure
  • Has a bias toward action and an impatience towards those that lack focus and/or the ability to get results
  • Is proactive, looks for problems that could impede progress and relentlessly takes responsibility for solving them
  • Is deadline driven, punctual and respects other peoples' time

Leadership and Interpersonal Skills

  • Has the ability to build effective teams, to inspire others to do their best, and to coach and mentor
  • Is aggressive, however fair and reasonable in all business dealings involving clients, subcontractors and co-workers (understands win-win contracting)
  • Is an effective communicator, active-listener, recognizes diverse perspectives and is capable of facilitating synergy and collaboration
  • Has the ability to confront difficult situations and manages them to a successful conclusion
  • Is polite, conversational, self-confident, comfortable to be with and non-assuming
  • Is organized and produces a paper trail that can be easily understood by a third party
  • Embraces life-long learning and industry practices