Fred Caldwell's New Book Offers Unique Perspective On Leadership

"Flying Your Business: Leadership Lessons From The Cockpit” is a candid and personal testimony of how Caldwell Companies CEO Fred Caldwell applies the lessons he’s learned from piloting an aircraft to running a successful business, and offers advice that will benefit anyone interested in improving their leadership skills.

With a career that spans more than 30 years, advice from lifelong mentors that include everyone from CEOs and pastors to well-known coaches during his time playing football for Texas A&M; and a love of flying that began at an early age, Caldwell offers a unique perspective and advice on leadership - whether it’s successfully piloting an aircraft or leading people.

The new book reveals details and experiences in Caldwell’s professional and personal life, his strong faith and the lessons he’s learned from his mistakes as well as the mistakes of others. He equates a number of errors that have been made by pilots of both large and small aircraft - often with catastrophic results - to the poor decisions made by corporate leaders and the impact they have had on employees, businesses and the economy. Throughout the book, Caldwell offers accounts of aircraft accidents and near misses (including one of his own), and equates how the lessons learned from those experiences can be applied to running a company or organization.

Although the book’s title appears to target CEOs, Caldwell said that he believes it has a much broader reach. “I hope this book would be of interest to anyone called to lead, whether it is a large company, a charitable group or organization of any size,” he said.

“Flying Your Business: Leadership Lessons From The Cockpit” is now available on in the paperback and Kindle editions. 

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