Keith Edwards Celebrates 40 Years in Land Brokerage!

We would like to congratulate our very own Keith Edwards for his 4 decades of service in real estate brokerage! Keith began his real estate career after attending Sam Houston State University. He made his way to Houston where he began working for Lou Nimmons Real Estate, learning every facet of the industry from how to work the contract from its beginning stages to close, reading surveys, title commitments and how to stay connected with clients. From contract to close, Keith thoroughly enjoyed seeing how a property could be transformed from a raw piece of land to any type of development ranging from an industrial distribution center to a residential community. After growing and developing his skills and talents as a Broker, Keith joined Caldwell Companies land team. He works alongside and trains new land brokers at Caldwell in addition to servicing his clients. Keith is an excellent mentor, and his calm demeanor is respected by everyone he meets.  When asked what Keith’s favorite part of being a broker, his response was simply put: “I love the fact that I get to help someone every day. We are in the service industry and strive to ensure every client is fully satisfied with the real estate process”. We are honored and blessed to have had Keith on our team for 18 years and look forward to the future! Below is a short Q&A session with Keith about his many years in brokerage, and advice he would give to individuals just getting started in the industry.

Q #1: What made you want to get into Commercial Real Estate and did you have any family members in the business?
A: Farm and Ranch properties sounded like a fun industry to be in! I really didn’t have any family members in the industry, other than my uncle that had multiple properties in Corsicana, TX.

Q #2: What was the first real estate company you worked for?
A: Lou Nimmons Real Estate Company located in Houston, TX. I worked there for 11 years!

Q #3: How many years have you been with Caldwell Companies?
A: I have been with Caldwell since the year 2000, so 18 years!

Q #4: What is your favorite part about brokerage?
A: The fact that I get to help people every day, whether it is a family selling their land or an investor looking to develop their property!

Q #5: Why did you pick land brokerage?
A: I love being outdoors! Also, the fact that you get to see something from the ground up is pretty incredible as well. You get to see a property being built from the ground up! I like to drive thru different properties that I have helped on the brokerage side and see how they have developed into residential communities, or a retail development all the way to an industrial warehouse!

Q #6: What is your favorite part about working for Caldwell Companies?
A: The people, our mission and the goals that we set for ourselves!

Q #7: What advice would you give to young brokers just starting out?
A: Pick a certain field and stay with it! Do not try to be a jack of all trades. Be the expert in your industry!

Q #8: How do you deal with the fluctuations in Real Estate?
A: Always stay busy and get creative! Some years can be great, and others can be very slow. Always make sure to save your money!!!