Serving Others. See What Develops.

Serving Others. See What Develops.

Client Testimonials

Boots & Coots

Everyone talks about service during and after the sale, and we can honestly say that Caldwell Companies has been most accommodating to our needs. When moving into a brand new built out space, you always have a ‘break-in' period and Caldwell made sure that they were on top of every event and had it addressed or fixed very quickly. Overall, Caldwell’s team makes each tenant their number one priority.

-Dewitt H. Edwards, Chief Operating Officer - Boots & Coots

Arch-Con Corporation

Real estate development is a difficult process. Caldwell Companies excels because of its adaptability to change and its investment in its employees. An organization is a reflection of its leadership and Fred Caldwell always strives to achieve client satisfaction.

-Michael G. Scheurich, President - Arch-Con Corporation

Amegy Bank of Texas

Caldwell Companies’ staff is knowledgeable, accessible and professional in all interactions.Based on my results-orientated experience, I enthusiastically recommend the Caldwell Companies team.

-Steve Stephens, Executive VP - Amegy Bank of Texas

The Ward Group

What I like best about Caldwell Companies is that they are fast on their feet. They know what property is worth, and who will maximize its value through the most opportunistic usage. They handle our listings because, when it comes to getting a deal done, they've got great people and a winning formula.

-Terry Ward, CEO and President - The Ward Group

Amegy Bank

Caldwell Companies' staff is knowledgeable, accessible and professional in all interactions. Based on my results oriented experience, I enthusiastically recommend the Caldwell Companies team.

-Steve Stephens, President

Sidney Service

I greatly appreciate your commitment, knowledge, and patience. It was evident that you had my best interest in mind throughout the lease negotiations. Personally, I felt like family.

-Sidney Murphy, President - Sidney Service

Ryan Walsh, Inc.

We have been working with Caldwell Companies for the last couple of months in the sale of our 300,000 square foot resin packaging facility in LaPorte, Texas. I can recommend these people without reservation as they have been extremely creative, aggressive and professional in every way when carrying out a very specific strategy of the sale of our buildings.

-H.S. Thorne, Vice President - Ryan Walsh, Inc.

Rawson & Co., Inc.

Your being able to find the space in 24 hours was a great advantage to our sales. I want to particularly contrast your response to that of several large brokers who did not have anyone available to speak to us.

-Earl Philips, Executive Vice President - Rawson & Co., Inc.

RJ Global Technologies

We want to thank you for your professional and competent response to our request for help in finding space for our new company. You responded very quickly with suitable locations. Most of all, you did what a good real estate broker should do. You listened.

-Robert M. Aus, General Manager - RJ Global Technologies

Lone Star Overnight

We started working with Ron Roberson of Caldwell Companies last year. We'd talked to several firms, but felt most comfortable with Ron. He listened when we talked about our business and what we wanted in a facility. The Caldwell Companies team has been supportive and especially responsive to our needs. We've been very happy with Caldwell Companies and would look forward to working with them again.

-Trip Steadham, General Manager - Lone Star Overnight

ML Capital Ventures, LLC

Everyone talks about service, but Caldwell Companies is one commercial real estate firm that really understands that the key to superior service is establishing a personal relationship with each client. That helps them anticipate and better respond to my needs. The result is that the Asset Management team at Caldwell Companies helps me keep my clients happy. That approach maximizes the revenue potential of my property and enhances its value as an asset.

-Michael Luecht, President - ML Capital Ventures, LLC

The Kroger Co.

We have some very exacting requirements in our site selection process and we appreciated the speed your team displayed in responding to our requests for detailed information. Your knowledge and insight into the local market was also a great benefit to us.

-David J. Belock, Jr. KMA, Real Estate Manager - The Kroger Co.

INX International Ink Co.

Your prompt response, attention to detail, and sincere concern for our specific needs made doing business with you a real pleasure. As we both know, relocating can be a very stressful task, but after working with you and your staff, I feel comfortable recommending your company with absolutely no hesitation.

-David Corona, Branch Manager - INX International Ink Co.

Compass International

Fred's team was incredible. They coordinated every aspect of the project and brought it in on time and on budget. When we build again, it will be with Caldwell Companies. In commercial real estate firms, as far as I'm concerned, they are the standard against which everybody else should be measured.

-Mark Farrell, President - Compass International

Coburn Linseisen & Ratcliff, Inc.

We had attempted to sell or lease the building for a period of about 18 months without success. Within weeks after signing a listing agreement for the sale or lease of the building, we received competitive offers for the sale of the building. Shortly thereafter, we were able to sell the building and move to our new location. We were impressed with the professional manner in which this sale was handled and the effort made to maximize our return on the investment in the building.

-Carl Linseisen, President - Coburn Linseisen & Ratcliff, Inc.


The team at Caldwell Companies was just great. Their attention to our needs and responsiveness made it work for me.

-Al DiFalco, Ford Technical Training Area Manager - Ford