Water Damage Restoration

Caldwell Companies has been part of the local community for over 27 years, serving as both a developer and a neighbor. Our mission extends beyond just business, which is why we’re so passionate about restoring the Houston region after this devastating storm. Part of our corporate vision is stewarding resources, and with our strong foundation in commercial construction, residential development, and home building, we have the experience and expertise needed to restore your home or business with a reputable company you can trust.

If you’ve experienced flood damage and are looking for a dependable partner to repair your property, we’re here to help. Just complete the form below or give us a call at 281-664-6684 and we’ll contact you to coordinate getting you back on your feet.


  1. Safety First

    Before you do anything, take steps to ensure the safety of your family and any people helping with your recovery. Be mindful of power, gas and water issues before entering your home – we recommend an electrician assess your home if water reached above your outlets. Remember to wear protective gear when working in your home – mold and other bacteria can leave lasting health effects long after the waters have receded. Rubber boots, gloves and a sturdy mask are good starts.

  2. Document Everything

    Take an inventory of all the damage to your property and possessions. While photos are great, video evidence is even better. Record the model and serial number of your products – these come in handy for both your insurance claim and when shopping for replacement products. This also helps the insurance claim process go smoother and quicker.

  3. Time to Clean-up

    Make sure you get your house dried out as soon as possible in order to protect it from additional deterioration. Remove everything that’s damaged. Most furniture and appliances that were in flood water will need to be replaced. Then you’ll need to demo your home down to the studs and concrete slab. Drywall needs to be cut a foot above the flood line. Remove any insulation that got wet. Check your house for any potential hidden flood water. Then, you’ll need to clean and disinfect everything that touched flood water. Using a good shop-vac will help in this process. Wash all solid surfaces and after things dry, clean everything with disinfectant. Finally, be sure to dry your home completely before you start to rebuild.

  4. Starting the Recovery Process

    It is paramount you meet with an adjuster ASAP and be sure to get them everything they request. Stay on top of your claim – whether it be with your insurance company or FEMA.

  5. Be Patient

    When a storm the size of Hurricane Harvey hits, there are thousands of families affected by the storm. While everyone is trying to help with the initial clean-up efforts, some of the insurance claims and financial support from the government will take time. Try to collect enough cash flow to survive for 3-4 months to allow for demo, clean-up and rebuild.