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Lindsey McConathy

Digital Marketing Strategist & Boardwalk Towne Lake Event Coordinator

Lindsey Caldwell serves on our marketing team as the event coordinator at our Boardwalk Towne Lake Project as well as the digital marketing strategist, planning, scheduling, increasing engagement, and creating social media content for our various projects such as Towne Lake, The Boardwalk Towne Lake, Caldwell Companies, The Work Well, and more. Since taking on the role, Lindsey has increased our overall Facebook content impressions to average over 1,000,000 per month.

She received her Bachelor’s degree from The University of Southern California in Theatre with a minor in Business. Lindsey lived in Los Angeles for over 7 years, and worked as a reporter for E! News, interviewing both on and off the red carpet. While in her role, she helped strategize and manage their social media accounts, and created their Snapchat channel. Following Los Angeles, Lindsey moved to Nashville where she worked in social media management and reporting, interviewing everyone from Garth Brooks to Dolly Parton. Whether it’s for an entertainment story or a 140 character tweet, Lindsey loves the power of storytelling and building community through sharing good stories!

Lindsey enjoys traveling to new places, yoga, outside adventures, watching football, and is involved in her church.

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