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Peter Barnhart

President/Chief Development Officer

As Development Partner, in Caldwell Companies Land Development, Peter Barnhart brings to our firm a very successful history of acquiring, developing and selling large land development projects. Peter’s financial, construction and marketing skills combined with a unique blend of experience in commercial and community development, allows Caldwell Companies to plan and create environments where people like to live, work and play.

With Caldwell Companies, Barnhart plays an integral role in identifying, acquiring and developing land properties for future planned community development projects. Peter is also the key team member to handle the negotiations related to the acquisition of each property.

Peter’s 20 years of real estate experience includes six years with RealtiCorp Commercial Investment Fund in Greenville, SC. Beginning as Director of Sales and Marketing and moving up to Regional Partner, he handled complex land development transactions in seven different cities and involving more than 4000 acres of land. Peter also has experience with Byzance, Inc. and Plantation Homes.

Raised in Houston, Peter earned his bachelor’s degree in Construction Science and his master’s degree in Land and Real Estate Development - both from Texas A&M University. He is a member of the Urban Land Institute, the Real Estate Development Association Professional Advisory Board and Texas A&M University’s Century Club.

Outside of work, Peter likes golfing, fishing, hunting, flying and many other outdoor activities. Residing in Northwest Houston, Peter and his wife Debra enjoy spending time with their daughters, Jordan and Grace

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