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The Leigh Family in Towne Lake

Leigh family happily dives into Towne Lake living.

Jennifer and Jared Leigh were on the lookout for the ideal place to live. As the end of an expat assignment found them relocating from Moscow, Russia to the Houston area, they set their sights on finding just the right community. That’s when a billboard for Towne Lake caught their eye.

“We knew we wanted to relocate to an area that was geared towards starting a family,” Jennifer remembers, “Jared saw Towne Lake advertised on a billboard. The lake caught our attention.”

That’s because boating is a major part of the Leigh family’s lifestyle. “Jared graduated from the United States Merchant Marine Academy and has a graduate degree on naval architecture.” she explains, “We have a passion for the water and we love to spend time on our sailboat or pontoon.”

In addition to having fun on the water, Towne Lake’s amenities and activities area big reason Jennifer, Jared, and their two young children have also gotten to know their neighbors so well.

“[The amenities] help our family connect. Our neighbors are some of our best friends,” Jennifer says. “We participate in girl’s nights, birthday parties, holiday parties…we even travel together.”

The community activities are especially important to Jennifer, as she is a member of the Towne Lake Social Committee. “We love that the events include all members, and ages, of the community,” Jennifer says.

And it’s that inclusiveness and encouragement to grow close as a community that makes life in Towne Lake so special. When asked if she’d recommend Towne Lake to her friends, Jennifer simply exclaims, “Definitely!”

If you’re looking for an extraordinary community that’s connected by water, set a course for Towne Lake. Book a boat tour here and discover just how wonderful life in Towne Lake can be for your family.

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"Towne Lake combines family living, our love for the water, and our desire to get involved with our community."

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