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The Vardemans - Willowcreek Ranch

The Vardemans find the home, and life, of their dreams in Willowcreek Ranch.

After a distinguished career with a world-renowned oil and gas company, Don Vardeman and his wife Ann were ready to make the most of their retirement. “We wanted to build a place for our children and grandchildren to enjoy,” said Ann. Of course, with ten grandkids, and another on the way, it had to be exceptional.

It wasn’t long before Ann saw a sign for Willowcreek Ranch. She was intrigued. 

After a quick scouting trip to the newly developing property, the Vardemans knew they wanted to get in to the community - as quickly as they could. 

“When we found Willowcreek Ranch and learned it was from Caldwell, that was a huge plus for us,” said Don. That’s because the Vardemans are no strangers to Caldwell Communities – they had spent the previous eight years living in Caldwell’s Rock Creek development. “We really enjoyed the quality and the way Caldwell developed it,” remembers Don. “Nicely done all the way around.”

Ann was equally enthusiastic about their new home in Willowcreek Ranch. “The location is really good,” she said. “We loved the feel of it. It’s like being in the country without being in the country.”

The trail system’s really well developed and there’s a lake without there being too much lake.” said Don. “We take walks on the trails and the boys like to go fishing.”

“We don’t have horses, but we do look forward to see what will be happening at the Equestrian Center,” adds Ann.

And while the lots in Willowcreek Ranch range from one to seven acres, the Vardemans have grown quite close to their neighbors. According to Ann, “the neighbors are just spectacular.”

Don adds, “We wanted to get in early so we could get to know the people in the neighborhood. We’d meet with the other early residents…get to know them. We’d see how each other’s homes were coming along.”

All in all, Don and Ann are quite pleased with their move to Willowcreek Ranch. “There’s plenty of play room for the grandchildren and we think our house is just about perfect. This is our forever home!” said Ann.

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“When we found Willowcreek Ranch and learned it was from Caldwell, that was a huge plus for us."

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